wilt chamberlain taller than shaq

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Shaq worries opponents; Wilt inspired terror. During the first championship run of the "three-peat" for the Lakers in 1999-00, Shaq said he weighed 345 pounds. Some reported John to be as tall as 811 whilst others had him as 7. George said he hoped to play professional basketball, but he has other interests including graphic design, animation, comic books and cartoons. Shaq is allowed to score some points that maybe he wouldnt get.. He had a lot of interests besides basketball. Illegal defense had already been in place since 1947. Georges body kept growing. He has been measured barefoot at over 7ft 1 several times while at Milwaukee Bucks. Its like comparing Barry Bonds to Babe Ruth. "Shaq, I got your back on this," Bayless said. Ralph Sampson, Patrick Ewing, even Kareem to an extent, and now Shaquille. LeGoggles: NBA Twitter in Splits After LeBron James Steals Magic Players The injury was aggravated later that year by Willie Naulls of the Knicks. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. They are the only shoes he wears. Anyone can read what you share. // is philadelphia smoked salmon cream cheese safe during pregnancy, neil dudgeon wife mary peate,

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